The beauty of Pantai Ujung when the dusk come

The beauty of Pantai Ujung is going to be found especially when the dusk approached later in the day. So there's no wonder in the evening Pantai Ujung area will be crowded by tourists to simply relax or even occasionally to get fresh fish from fishermen.

On this beach plenty of fishing boats leaning over the edge, this view indicates this beach is a beach of fishermen to catch fish, beside as a tourist attraction.

This beach might not as popular as the other beaches in Karangasem. However it doesn't mean there's no tourist visiting at beach which is located at Tumbi village. In fact lots of both foreign as well as domestic tourists come right here everyday. This beach just has gravel and rock, but the view are pretty amazing. 

The origin of the name "Ujung" is used since the beach located opposite the Taman Ujung Soekasada. That's why it called the Pantai Ujung. So you can easily remember the beachs name which you can reach about 62 km from Denpasar City. Simply because it located on the coastline then definitely livelihoods around the coast are fishermen, some of which catched to sold directly on the beach.

On this beach you will see another life, an exciting atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful beach or perhaps to shop for fresh fish with the family. Be prepared to make a resolution to a future you will visit this beach with people who deeply loved and an important part in your life.

Waterboom bali vacation near beach

With a very ideal location in jl.Kartika, Waterbom Plaza Kuta Bali becoming a well liked spot for visitors. You will find plenty visitor with their family visiting to take pleasure from water games offered right here. You are able to reach this place by walk only just ten minutes through Kuta beach. Open everyday from 9 am to 6 pm.

The facilities available are:

- Island Ink (temporary tattoo)
- Spa
- Hot Spot
- Locker
- Gazebos
- Tropical Garden
- Retail Shop
- Food trail
- Pool Bar

The Games that you could take pleasure in are:

- Smashdown
- Macaroni
- Jungle Ride
- Raft river
- Bogie Ride
- Lazy river
- Race Track
- Boomerang
- Superbowl

Waterbom Bali be able to accommodate upto thousand visitors as a large place. All games are safe for children and adults. Specifically for children under 12 years, you will see a guide companied besides their parent. The prices not include Towel, Locker, Gazebo, Euro-Bungee, Climbing Wall, Water Blaster, Spa Services and Food & Beverages.

For further information :

Waterbom Bali
Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055 Tuban
Kuta – Bali 80361 Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 755 676
Fax: +62 361 753 517
See the pictures Waterboom park

Kuta Beach being the best beach holiday in the world

Kuta Bali is impetuous and lively with browny fantastic beaches and lots of tourists.

Right here youll discover the hawkers plying their products to any person wholl pay attention for a special value for you. Theyre always pleased, even when you dont purchase anything at all.  For households along with kids, the water recreation space known as Waterbom Park is at south Kuta plus a good day trip for children and grown ups who're young at heart.

Kuta massage therapy from the pleased Balinese ladies who would like to mother you might be great, and also at a less expensive price youll spend elsewhere.  You get everything you pay for in Bali beach - cheap massage therapy with low-cost essential oil, rather than the high-class five star spa treatment options at resorts such as the Laguna in Nusa Dua.

Bali authorities are currently handling the massive traffic jams that exist in the one way Street system coming from Bemo part to Kuta beach, up to Legian Beach after which back again close to straight down Legian Road.  Prevent annoying Kuta beach peak hour traffic (such celebrate New Year Eve season) coming from 4pm right up until 6pm.  Motorcycles and vehicles park in the left side of the road Currently and as soon as they may be taken out, the traffic would have been a little less overloaded.

Hotel holiday accommodation around Kuta Beach is generally less costly.  It is possible to pay as low as $30 per night but basically you receive that which you pay for. The "Hard Rock hotel" can be found close to Kuta beach and it has an excellent upstairs bar to view the frenetic lifestyle near Kuta beach. Sunset on Kuta beach is indeed a eye opener as a large number of local people as well as their family members come down at the end of the working day.

Balinese food, the cheapest but worth to try

Just about the most pleasurable aspects of Bali travel will be the food. When seated for a food in Bali, you might be usually welcomed by a pyramid cone of rice, superbly offered vibrant colours of vegetables and also skewers of chicken with peanut marinade presented on magnificently designed wooden dishes.

Almost every restaurant provides Balinese food such as nasi goreng (fried rice using a fried egg at the top) and also mie goreng (fried noodles together with egg). In case you are in the feeling to get a salad, Gado gado will be dished up with spicy peanut marinade and sometimes with prawn crackers. You just spend your money about Rp.5,000 to Rp.15,000 for gado-gado.

The other Balinese food are Spice Paste For Beef, base satay, Spice Paste For Seafood

One of the numerous stuff that tends to make Bali such a great destination to visit will be the option of cheap and yummy Balinese food. If you want to sample more traditional Balinese food, The most frequent kind of consuming establishment in Bali may be the warung. A Warung is a tiny neighborhood cafe which typically serves local meals, but have got adapted to allow for overseas tastes.

Jazz Cafe among the architecture and food

The flyer regarding Applesauce Café is a straightforward atramentous and whitened architecture that promotes "special cuisine, imaginative cocktails, abundant music" with a consideration of commended Applesauce performers' names listed on achromatic blah background. Herbie Hancock, Thelonius Monk, Nina Simone, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and variety of other people. And the abstraction of Applesauce Café is actually the flyer by itself. Live applesauce offered in a stylish, yet peaceful, mood for the leisure of local people, ex-pats, and tourists as well, not to mention whilst accouterment completed aboriginal cuisine alternatives bullets of a able supper club, alien cocktails, and wines from every above region.

The aliment at Applesauce Café is primarily Asian with a acceptable alternative of starters, mains, pizza, pasta and desserts that ambit analytic from Rp. 22,000 to 73,000. Begin with a aboriginal advance of Balinese Tuna Fish Salad or Crisp Tofu Tempura with Roasted Peanut Soy Dressing. And again for a capital course, accept from awe-inspiring options such as Seared Tuna Teriyaki, Coconut Coated Chicken Breast with Yellow Curry, or Thai Crispy Vegetable Stir Fry with Toasted Cashews and Shitake Mushrooms. Finish up the meal with bootleg desserts that ambit from Wicked Chocolate Truffle Cake with Coconut Cream to Ginger and Orange Crème Brulee. If alone endlessly by for drinks and a show, Applesauce Café's affair are as adventuresome as their music concepts and with names that allotment the theme: The Dejection Colada, Mango Dixie, Java Jive, Swell Ella, or Cool Louis. Their signature drink, however, is the baleful Mega-Margarita, which comes in several varieties and served in actual ample glasses.

Jazz Café's architecture is totally altogether accessory to lounging and listening. The capital allowance consists of a commonly shaped Balinese alang-alang roof that is set a bit lower so as to accommodate a added ambient feel. The baby date is adverse the bar and has abundant table settings that face it a la acceptable Applesauce bar arrangement. Past the capital attic is an animated breadth breadth atramentous and white adipose cushions beleaguer 4 low tables with an bare appearance of the stage. And again above the allowance is an alfresco breadth that consists of a abundant garden with animated array areas and added low tables and cushions. On any accustomed weekend night, the absolute basement areas abounding and those adverse to be afterwards a catch are affected to get pleasure from their bar seats, or alike angle as has generally been the case

The highland garden of Bali, creating plenty of great vegetables and fruit around gorgeous mountain

Bedugul is the highland garden of Bali, creating plenty of great climate vegetables and fruit. I't would be your extra tour to discover world of Bali. Available in the market here you'll find bananas in addition an array of tropical fresh fruits, veggies, corn and also orchid flowers.

This is a high class world tour to purchase exotic spices, along with combined gift packages becoming especially popular. Another highlight is an art form section of the market with many different handicrafts.

In case you are residing in Bedugul, employing a motorbike is a great idea since a number of the distances between areas of interest are quite long such as travel to enjoying a mount of mountain here. It’s becoming a common way that tourist to appreciate this gorgeous mountain area is always to hire a vehicle and driver during the day from their place in South Bali.

But yet, your hotel can organize this and you ought to count on paying coming from Rp 50,000 to 80,000 each day.

The in good physical shape will love mountain cycling right here. There isn't any formal taxis however you will discover lots of drivers ready to handle you for a fixed cost.

The location is properly offered by local bemos, as well as the central gathering factors of these are usually close to the car park at Candikuning Market, plus the vilage of Pancasari just prior to reaching Lake Buyan. Be ready for the local people being carrying a variety of market produce, such as live chickens along with other animals.

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